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music on hold and message on Hold for VOIP telephone systems as well as other Phone systems

Our professional voice staff are top notch and includes both men and women voices that are the top voice talents in the United States. We also have native speaking Spanish and French voice talents to meet your demographic needs. 

On Hold Service

​Simply put music on hold and message on hold is the music and messages that you hear when you are put on hold on your VOIP telephone systems as well as other business telephones. Instead of silence or radio, Partners on Hold creates effective messages mixed with music that will satisfy customers, build your image and increase sales at a fraction of the normal cost.

Music and Message on hold costs far less than any other form of marketing and it targets your exact market.

Join us at Partners On Hold and resell our products to untapped markets. 

Browse our music on hold equipment and discover which system best meets your needs.

Partners on Hold Corporation delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

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We partner with offices in your industry in order to produce high quality customized on hold productions at a fraction of normal cost.

​Professional Voice Talents