Custom Voice Message

Want to have a message that is 100% "you"? Work with a Partners On Hold representative to create your completely unique message.

Other industries

Don't see your desired industry? Contact us to create a custom script for you and others in your industry.


Share promotions, surgery procedures, and steps to a fast recovery

Lawn and Garden

Update customers on seasonal changes and share lawn and garden care tips

Staffing Industry

Don't see your desired industry? Contact us This is just a small sample list of industries that we support.

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We know your industry

We already have custom programs for the below industries. Below are a few examples of script topics within different industries.


Introduce new technology, home care strategies, and new promotions


Explain pick-up procedures, introduce new medicines, and share illness prevention tips


Put your patients at ease by addressing commonly held concerns


Inform customers about proper animal diets, new treatments, and seasonal issues