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sample music on hold

  • Veterinary INTERMEDIATE6:31
  • Lawn and Garden INTERMEDIATE3:55
  • Veterinary STANDARD PLUS7:00
  • Athletic Club PREMIUM3:19

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We partner with you and your industry to deliver effective and customized on hold productions at a fraction of the cost.
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  • We have experience working with all types of businesses, including wholesalers and resellers
  • 5 yearly message updates without the headache of writing a script each quarter
  • Messages customized to your industry and to your office
  • Script Writers that know your industry
  • Top of the Industry Voice Talents - Male and female, Spanish voice talent also an option

Music on hold is the audio that you hear when you are put on hold. Many times you will hear silence or only music. At Partners on Hold, we help you maximize your music and messages potential to retain your customers and increase sales.

At 23 and still in college, I had just started a home-based business where I sold used, professional video production equipment through AOL classifieds. I had posted an online ad to sell a $15,000 piece of professional video equipment. I received a call from an interested buyer willing to purchase. My only method of receiving payment was to ask for a $15,000 cashier's check, but in 1995 the internet was new and a little scary. I thought to myself, "How could I convince him that my company was credible, and that he can trust me to send him working equipment as described in return for his $15,000?"

Just then, I remembered that about a week earlier a friend had lent me a music on hold system in order to convince me to buy it. I thought to myself, "This will make me sound like a real established business."

I made up a reason and intentionally placed him on hold for almost a minute. When I picked up the phone I explained that as soon as we received the cashier's check that I could send him the equipment. He didn't balk once and sent the check overnight. I was so impressed  with those results that I changed my business focus to selling on hold equipment and services.

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